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What PR can learn from social media’s Brexit fallout

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If you were to take even the most cursory look at my Facebook wall last Thursday, you’d have assumed that the results of the EU referendum were a foregone conclusion. Friday dawned and the internet imploded in palpable disbelief. “I don’t know anyone who voted Leave – how did this happen?!” hollered a former work […]

Clever PR cannot save Southern Rail

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There are companies beyond the help of a PR rescue job. One of those is Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), which operates Southern Railway, the Gatwick Express and Thameslink. They have one job – ferrying passengers from A to B – and most days they manage to royally balls it up. I’ve lived in Brighton for a […]

The fine line between political correctness & patchouli-scented madness

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I’ve been to Nottingham. It’s a lovely place, and I gather Robin Hood lived there before the war, but somewhere in that city, sipping camomile tea before uni-cycling to work, is someone who has far too much time on their hands. Here’s why. Last week, in a recruitment drive, we emailed a job ad to […]


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