Turning start-ups and SMEs into super brands

Our media savvy and talent for electric content have helped build some of the leading SME brands in the UK. We want to do the same for you.

Rhizome Media started life as a PR agency run by ex-journalists who thought the PR industry was a joke. Everywhere they looked, they saw vacuous Henrys and Henriettas with no real idea of how the media work, zero commercial nous and the creative ability of warm roadkill.

all-servicesToday, Rhizome Media is a ‘full service’ agency focused on the start-up and SME market. We now offer everything a start-up or SME could ever need to get their name out there and build their brand, from PR and social media campaigns to content creation, kick-ass websites and growth strategies.

Our clients include many companies that are now household names, including flatshare site, SpareRoom.co.uk, price comparison website uSwitch.com, online estate agent HouseSimple, the gadget insurer, Protect Your Bubble, and residential property crowdfunding platform, Property Partner.

It’s worth saying right now that we’re a bit of a Marmite company, so if you want a sycophantic agency that’s going to blow smoke up your bottom all day, we’re not for you. But if you like honest feedback and zero fluff, we should talk.

Above all, we have fantastic relationships with our clients because we work alongside them on their growth journey and are phenomenally loyal, often over-servicing them up the wazoo because we love to see companies succeed.

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A rhizome is a root structure without beginning or end, it’s also a metaphor for non-linear and highly disruptive thought

Rhizome Media
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