Freelance PRs wanted to join Rhizome Media revolution

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Posted on February 21, 2016

Freelance PRs dotted around the UK (even in Milton Keynes): we want to speak to you.

Why? Because we have a big problem at Rhizome Media, and we think you could be the solution.

Our problem

The problem we’ve got is there are so many goddam companies out there wanting to hire us that we’re running out of people to service them. Which is where you come in.

We’re specifically looking for freelance PRs with experience in the following sectors:

  • Financial services
  • Property
  • Technology
  • Alternative finance
Freelance PRs wanted by Rhizome Media

Freelance PRs – we want to speak to you!

Saying that, if you think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, we’d like to talk even if you haven’t covered the sectors above before.

You boastful so and so.

Regular work for freelance PRs

We’d want to meet you first, or at least have a good chat on the phone if you’re based in the middle of nowhere.

If all’s fine and dandy, we’d then buy lots of your time at a rate that works for both you and us.

In terms of logistics, there’d be someone from the Rhizome Media London hub on every account and you’d be working alongside them to ensure the client is tip-top happy.

We’d communicate on Skype, phone and perhaps – once in a blue moon (just to prove you’re real) – face to face.

Fully naked is fine

Nothing would change your end: you’d carry on working wherever the hell you are right now, fully dressed or naked, we don’t really care.

And you’d carry on working with your current clients as normal.

The only thing that would change is, when you’re working on our accounts, you’d be asked to use an email address. But that’s all standard stuff.

Invest in fine wine

Think of it like this. You’ll be providing us with all-important support on some of our key accounts, and we’ll be boosting your income so much that you’ll scrap that balanced managed fund and start investing in fine wine.

Oh, and as well as working alongside some of the media legends here at HQ, you’d get to represent some of the most established and fastest growing UK brands in the UK.

Currently our clients include the AA, Spareroom, uSwitch, Turner & Townsend and Protect Your Bubble.

And we have plenty more waiting in the wings wanting to come onboard — which have your name written all over them.

If you’re interested (and frankly how couldn’t you be?), email Dominic or Emily, or call us on 020 7297 3166 for an initial chat.

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