Rupert Bhatia

Account Manager


A Londoner born and (mostly) bred, the media runs through my veins. My Dad’s a journalist, my Grandad was, too, so naturally I followed them into the family business.

I worked in radio for the best part of a decade (LBC, Classic FM, Smooth, Heart and the BBC if you were wondering), reading the news, reporting from the scene and perfecting the ‘my stern look’, which I am reliably informed has the ability to intimate from approximately 20 metres away.

All that was very nice….. but after a while I realised my calling is slightly more entrepreneurial. Oh and waking up at 3am to work the ‘breakfast shift’ isn’t very conducive to well, anything.

I fell into Rhizome’s welcoming and fairly sizeable bosom and have so far, point blank, refused to leave.

When I’m not here I can usually be found skiing, eating, drinking or trying to blag an upgrade on a plane.

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