Neil Millard

Account Director

Teamphotos - 2-1

By the time I arrived on Earth in the early 80s it was five-and-a-half centuries since my ancestor Gilles de Rais – one of the worst mass murderers in history – had been executed. It was time to give something back so I became a Fleet St hack.

Having paid this debt to society at the Sunday Mirror, The People, Evening Standard, Mail and The Sun, and just in time to dodge the post-truth age (which ironically doesn’t exist), I decided to find out what else life had to offer.

Favourite hobbies include commuting and eating (yes I know Amelia likes eating too). Oh and I like making conference calls in fields. How can you think straight with all that furniture?

Truth is I still get a thrill out of finding a good story and I’m delighted to have stumbled over Dominic who has assembled a crack team of ex-journalists and bright sparks to wreak multi-media havoc in a world where, thankfully, the story is still king.

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