Flora Campbell


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Unfortunately I share my name with margarine. I’ve decided to carry on this ridiculousness and call my future children Clover, Anchor and Lurpak (unsalted). So we are one big, happy, buttery family.

I realised I should be in PR with my first successful pitch – to a festival bouncer. The premise was ‘let me in and I’ll give you my sandwich’. It really was delicious – crispy bacon, melted brie, smashed avocado and obviously flora margarine.

It was inspired – a simple pitch but with huge rewards. Walking through the festival gates with the taste of success on my lips was the moment I knew I should enter the fabulous world of PR. One sandwich down, I was ready to get my hipster side out, lose all inhibitions and probably my dignity, too.

After a year of selling in stories about gyms, cactus water and tampons, I realised consumer pr was not my cool-ling in life. I knew I wanted a challenging and stimulating working life, with the freedom to express my creative brain.

I applied for an Account Exec role at Rhizome Media – a metaphor for non-linear and highly disruptive thought. I was asked in my interview about my spirit animal, and I answered ‘fox’, with a necklace to show for it and I think that sealed the deal.

I like to think of myself as quite the comedian. I don’t want to blow my own bagpipes, but making up jokes is definitely my forte – Doctor Doctor jokes being a speciality.

I’m also a massive foodie. Being particularly greedy I’ve acquired the nickname ‘the gobbling turkey’. Which isn’t my favourite name, but I’m not going to lie, it’s probably true.

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