Emily Garnham

PR Consultant


I first heard about Rhizome as a reporter at Express Newspapers. After years of phone calls from the co-founders – usually offering to wax their eyebrows off or post me Jaffa Cakes in return for coverage – I was convinced the dark side was where the real fun was to be had.

The deal was done on the sideline of a rugby pitch in Esher, as 30 alpha males rutted and perspired just metres away. Incidentally, that night Dom also ended up in a hedge after downing his body weight in bourbon at a curry house with a former British Lion.

Having worked with Rhizome since 2010, and been its managing director for several years, I waved farewell to the good ship in early 2017 to pursue a business venture of my own. However, I still freelance for Rhizome (they can’t get rid of me that easily).

Life ambitions include learning Italian, becoming a Master of Wine, having a stab at flamenco and doing a European tour in my very own yet-to-be-purchased VW Campervan. The fifth is to learn Mark Knopfler’s guitar solo from Sultans of Swing. Only then can I die contentedly.

I’ll sign off with three fascinating facts about me: I am allergic to wheat and get ridiculously excited by new gluten-free products in my local supermarket, I survived a rather nasty car crash on the M1, and I dabble with ‘selective veganism’, which means I eat steak at weekends.

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