David Keevill

Senior Partner


At university I studied the finer points of Anglo-Saxon hagiography and Middle Welsh verse – the natural precursor to a career in PR, I’m sure you’ll agree. Not satisfied with choosing an utterly off-beat degree, I furthered my move into social obscurity by taking up as a freelance heavy metal journalist.

These days, despite an outward sheen of respectability, you’ll still mostly find me listening to suffocating black metal from some forest in Norway. Don’t let the white shirt and chinos trick you – beneath this gentrified Claphamite’s crisp GAP threads beats a heart blacker than Ozzy Osborne’s granite kitchen worktop.

Pre-Rhizome, I was financial news manager at Gorkana, writing about the world of corporate communications. After nearly two years of covering the comms industry, I decided to stop mucking around and dive in or be damned.

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