Amelia Lupson



I was named after one of Enid Blyton’s less popular children’s stories, Naughty Amelia Jane. ‘Amelia’ also comes from the German ‘Amalia’, meaning hard working and industrious. I aspire to channel both these traits, but finding a balance isn’t always easy.

I studied Media at the University of Sussex, my academic pursuits fuelled in equal parts by a sheer thirst for knowledge and the questionable promise of well-paid professional employment upon graduation.

I tried my hand at a range of highly-respected and competitive career paths: cash and carry checkout assistant, visual merchandiser, pizza waitress, and so on. Once I had tired of juggling pizzas and spilling wine (always red) on unsuspecting guests, I managed to wedge a couple of my toes into the door of the media world thanks to a job in advertising sales at a television sales house. I had plenty of fun and there was an abundance of free sweets, but I had not quite found my calling yet.

In true social media style, I managed to bag myself an interview at Rhizome through Facebook, that well-known professional social network where an employer will never, ever find photographic evidence of you drunk in a chicken shop. When asked in my interview how soon I could start, I immediately answered “right now” and my enthusiasm sealed the deal.

When I’m finally able to tear myself away from my desk you’ll either find me Netflix-binging in bed, elbowing my way past elderly women in charity shops, eating, or thinking about eating.


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