All businesses have different agendas. Some of our clients want their company to be mentioned alongside their rivals in the national newspapers, while others want to leave their competitors for dust. Some want to build their profiles as thought leaders or experts within their industry, others want to know how best to deal with customer complaints on social media.

Embarking on a PR and social media campaign can mean different things to different companies. For many of our smaller clients it’s simply about being seen and heard amid the throng of businesses clamouring to be noticed. Once you outgrow the start-up label, however, your needs can look quite different.

For some businesses, this might mean dealing rapidly and publicly with customer complaints to show you’re a brand that cares. It might involve media training your senior team prior to a big cash injection from a famous investor or it may even mean working to keep your business out of the press ahead of a larger coverage push.

Most start ups come to us asking for coverage, anywhere. Once they outgrow the start-up label, however, they have different requirements. To name a few, we’ve media trained business owners to deal with press enquiries before a multi-million pound investment announcement, we’ve launched scores of new businesses – many at the same time as they’ve been raising money on crowdfunding platforms –  and we’ve even helped alter the outcome of the Chancellor’s Budget, through our public affairs work with SpareRoom.

We’ve pulled together numerous projects where PR, social media and content are fully aligned and working harmoniously. Everyone’s requirements are different, so we keep ourselves flexible.

Some agencies our field will tell you strategy involves ‘key messages’ – that’s PR jargon for terms that define how you want your business to be perceived. These can be useful, but are merely a starting point for a strategic campaign.

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