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Social Media for a brand/company is a completely different ballgame than doing it for yourself – something that most companies don’t really understand. There are many balances that need to be found, and since very few people actually have a clue on where to even begin, the complexity around managing social media platforms on a corporate level, is still massively underestimated.

Unlike the self-proclaimed social media experts out there, we don’t theorise endlessly about social media. We have a very practical and realistic approach and prefer to walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

Our goal is to demystify social media for companies who aren’t sure about it, who are a bit worried about how to be online.

We’ll provide your business with all the tools and know-how you need to be a hit across social media.

Social Media 101 – How to do it yourself

We can come to yours, or you can come to us. We’d then sit down with the people you’d like to front up your company’s social and give them the 101 in social media. And if you don’t know who should even be fronting your company on social, we’ll help you find them.

Before we even turn up, we’ll have determined what you’re after, why you’re interested in social media, what your concerns are and what the message is that you want to get out there.

Here are some of the things the “course” will include:

  • Why social media anyway?
  • The ‘tone’ of the social
  • Authenticity and engagement
  • The best social media platforms for your brand
  • Great examples from your sector
  • How to create great content for social
  • Relaying your key messages correctly
  • …and more.

By the end of the day, you’ll be confident about how to use social media to maximum effect for your brand.

Community Management & Real Time Support – We do your social for you.

With this option, we basically take over. You can take a step back, or work alongside us, where we’re available to advise you in real-time on any and all aspects of your social media activity.

You can have our ear at most hours of the day or night for:

  • General advice
  • Campaign management
  • Crisis management
  • Technical issues
  • PR support
  • Words & Ideas

To be really successful on social, you need great content. Conversations are fab but they’ll only get you so far.

You’re in luck because Rhizome is bursting at the seams with experienced writers who can help with anything and everything content-related. We know how to shape content to make it work on social, and we know how to write with Cyrano-like panache.

And you’ll be getting your content from people who are deeply experienced in your sector – not some ‘agency’ that doesn’t have a clue about what you do.

We know how to shape content to make it work on social and can help with:

To discuss your requirements, give us a call on 020 7297 3166 and ask to speak to Christine.
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