Content Creation

Rhizome Media’s directors are all former journalists who’ve made a career out of putting pen to paper.

Fashioning dry or complex subject matter into digestible copy for the discerning reader is our game.

If putting pen to paper brings you out in a cold sweat, you overuse the word ‘hence’ and you round off company blogs with ‘in summation’, delegate it to us.

We’ll turn our hand to any and all of the following, and probably other stuff too (unless it’s a legal document, we’re rubbish at those). Scout’s Honour it’ll be cliché free.


Blogging is extremely important for a variety of reasons:

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Increases your SEO
  • Positions your brand as an industry leader
  • Adds a personal, human touch to your brand
  • Develops better customer relationships

At Rhizome, we often “ghostwrite” the blog section for many of our clients, taking away the stress of having to keep that section of the website updated. We nail down the keywords you want your business to be found with before we get started, and get approval before the blog goes live. Keywords and topics on your website are a significant way for search engines like Google to find your site when these words are searched.

Newsletter Copy

Writing copy for a newsletter isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially for the typical business owner who has no time, or experience, to deal with it. Thankfully we are a group of exceptional writers that take care of this for you.

Often we are asked why getting a newsletter right is important. We highlight these reasons:

  • Awareness – publishing a newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your company and its products and services.
  • Expertise – great newsletter content provides valuable information to customers and helps to establish a company as an industry leader
  • Promotion – You can integrate newsletter content with other elements of a new product launch by including announcements and articles related to the product.
  • Database – By placing information about the newsletter on your website, you can capture contact details of new prospects by asking visitors to subscribe.
  • Client Relationships – Issuing newsletters at regular intervals with great content — weekly, monthly or quarterly – helps you maintain contact with clients.


Whitepapers (some would say ‘white papers’) are longer than a blog post and the recommended length is four to seven pages, or maybe 2-3000 words. They are created for five major reasons:

  • Sharing technical knowledge
  • Showing yourself as an authority within a specific sector or field
  • Generating publicity
  • Distributing business information
  • Attracting prospects


Some say that writing a feature is an art-form, and we tend to agree. Sometimes getting a feature placed in a national paper or an influential publication can really maximize a brand’s exposure, putting it in front of a huge portion of their target audience. Here at Rhizome we have an approach that goes something like this:

  1. Find a compelling story.
  2. Research that topic.
  3. Decide on the type of feature to write (i.e Human Interest, Profile, Instructional).
  4. Consider the audience we’d like to talk to.
  5. Consider the type of publication we are writing for.

After we put together the feature, we send it over to the client, get approval and off it goes to get covered!

Comments / Reactive Media

If there’s one thing we’re great at it’s being reactive. The best reactive coverage is achieved when responding within the hour, no later.

We know well in advance if something breaks out in the news that your brand can comment on. When we finish writing the comment, we’ll send it over for approval before it goes out.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up  Submit some simple contact details via our sign-up form and we’ll add you to our database. Your mobile number is key because news stories can break at any time
  2. Story breaks  When a story breaks that’s relevant to your sector or expertise, we’ll be in touch and ask if you’d like to comment. It’s entirely your choice – no pressure!
  3. Draft media statement  If you do want to contribute your views to the story, we’ll turn your thoughts into a punchy ‘media statement’ that journalists like
  4. Issue media statement  Once you’ve approved the media statement, we’ll get it across to all the journalists who are covering the story, generally by email
  5. No Coverage, No Fee If, and ONLY if, you get featured in a relevant media outlet will we charge a fee. Being mentioned on the BBC or in The Times, for example, would cost you £250

For more info on all things reactive visit Just In Time PR

Press releases 

All PR agencies rely on press releases to get coverage for their clients. The difference between Rhizome and all the other agencies out there is that we write the best releases this side of the river. Since a lot of us are ex-journalists, we know what makes a good story and what will sell. We also know how to talk to all the journalists out there – they need to be handled with care.


Award submissions

We’re experts at award submissions. Hell, we’ve won so many of the damned things for clients, we’ve lost count. Thing is, for most businesses, finding the time and energy to put together a decent (and highly bespoke) award submission is borderline impossible. So they rush it and, you guessed it, don’t win. If you’d like us to inject energy and panache into your awards submissions, drop us a line or give us a call – and we’ll do our best to get you the accolades you deserve.

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