Victory for SpareRoom’s Raise The Roof campaign in Summer Budget 2015

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Rhizome has been working with SpareRoom since 2009 to boost the profile of its Raise the Roof campaign, which aimed to help hard-pressed homeowners get more tax relief for renting out a room and, in doing so, boost the rental market with much-needed supply. The government’s Rent a Room scheme tax-free threshold hasn’t changed from […]

Property Partner

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Property Partner, a residential property crowd funding platform backed by some serious VCs, hired Rhizome Media to launch it and really get its name out there.

Spelling errers

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For a PR, spotting a spelling mistake after pressing send is a horrible, briefly heart stopping experience. I assume. Having the mind of Archimedes means I’d never do anything so stupid myself. But I feel for others out there with their tiny pea brains as they try to make their way in the world of […]

Dragonfly Finance

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Rhizome has worked with Dragonfly Finance since 2011. We started by just doing their PR and then took over their Social Media about a year ago. Now, Dragonfly is one of the leading Bridging Loan companies in London.

Rhizome PR Weekly Wow – Beasting Broadband with uSwitch

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The Rhizome PR Weekly Wow this week was easily the uSwitch ‘Slowest Streets’ broadband press release that we issued.


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Before we started working with Anomaly42 we didn’t really know much about Big Data, neither did the majority of the world. Through PR, Social Media, Content Creation, and Design, we let the world into the wonderful world of Anomaly42 & Big Data.

We’re all hypocritical literary snobs (yes, that includes you)

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You can’t read a news article these days without at least a handful of pedants having a moan in the comment section. Had this been Elizabethan times, they’d have been the hecklers in the stalls, the throwers of rotten vegetables at the stocks, the stitch droppers at le guillotine.  I usually hold my breath as […]

PR account manager job going: Stuck in a big PR agency? Want to work for a cool SME?

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Rhizome PR, established six years ago, is looking for an exceptional account manager or senior account manager to join its team. Based on Regent Street, Rhizome is a small but rapidly growing PR agency that specialises in representing SMEs. We like to see ourselves as a next-generation PR agency. We think and work like journalists […]

No.1 Currency

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Rhizome handles both the PR and the Social Media of No.1 Currency. On the social front, we’ve been with them since Day 1!

If Carlsberg did employers, they’d be called Rhizome PR

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All too often you see job ads that harp on about what they’re looking for in the right candidate. But recruitment is a two-way process, whatever industry you’re in (PR if you’re asking). And just as important to a candidate is why on earth they should want to work for the company posting the ad. […]


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