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If there was ever a term that fitted us perfectly, it’s ‘ghostwriters’. As a team made up of (mostly) ex-journalists, we’re comfortable with turning dry or complex subject matter into digestible copy for all sorts of readerships, varying the tone to be lively, contentious or authoritative as required. We write blogs, features, comments, whitepapers, newsletters, press releases – whatever content you need penning.

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Rhizome Media started working with consumer-champion brand, uSwitch, back in 2011. Our job was to put its in-house experts into the news agenda on all things telecoms.


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Before we started working with Anomaly42 we didn’t really know much about Big Data, neither did the majority of the world. Through PR, Social Media, Content Creation, and Design, we let the world into the wonderful world of Anomaly42 & Big Data.

We’re all hypocritical literary snobs (yes, that includes you)

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You can’t read a news article these days without at least a handful of pedants having a moan in the comment section. Had this been Elizabethan times, they’d have been the hecklers in the stalls, the throwers of rotten vegetables at the stocks, the stitch droppers at le guillotine.  I usually hold my breath as […]


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