#RoyalBaby madness!

Posted on March 13, 2014

I’m rather surprised the Twittersphere hasn’t packed up with the inevitable Royal Baby birth celebrations and gossip. In fact, if our little Prince doesn’t have a hashtag in front of his name (our money’s on Edward, George or Leaf), I’ll eat my hat.

Some of my personal favourites: 

I’m hoping the #royalbaby is called James like my husband (@EssexKate)

They should rise up the #royalbaby in front of the kingdom like in The Lion King. (@ponchogigio)

Ngl [not going to lie] but Harvey would acc be a sick name for the next king, just saying #RoyalBaby (@Harvey_Kellz)

I totally understand you Kate, never been so hungry than after giving birth  #RoyalBaby #Pizza (@AnniinaOju)

As long as they don’t dangle the baby Michael Jackson style, everybody wins. #RoyalBaby (@liamthompson1)

Can the new baby be called Prince Tyler Brandan Rylan Windsor just to annoy Katie Hopkins? #RoyalBaby (@Boombox2009)

11 years until the Half-Blood Prince receives his Hogwarts Letter… #RoyalBaby (@_snape_)

I just dropped a bit of bread and butter down my cleavage #royalbaby (@swearyTJ) Oh, thank you Twitter.

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