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Why Team Rhizome was up with the lark at 5am today

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While the rest of you dreamt about the Scottish referendum result, four Rhizomes were pounding Regent Street from 5am on behalf of our gadget insurance client, Protect Your Bubble. For today is the day that Apple’s iPhone 6 and phablet-sized (that’s a phone-tablet hybrid to you) iPhone 6 plus go on sale. The task? To get […]

Victory for SpareRoom’s Raise The Roof campaign in Summer Budget 2015

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Rhizome has been working with SpareRoom since 2009 to boost the profile of its Raise the Roof campaign, which aimed to help hard-pressed homeowners get more tax relief for renting out a room and, in doing so, boost the rental market with much-needed supply. The government’s Rent a Room scheme tax-free threshold hasn’t changed from […]


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