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Before we started working with Anomaly42 we didn’t really know much about Big Data, neither did the majority of the world. Through PR, Social Media, Content Creation, and Design, we let the world into the wonderful world of Anomaly42 & Big Data.

Public Relations


When Rhizome started working with Anomaly42 it became apparent that a lot of people didn't really know what Big Data was or what Anomaly42 actually did. So we suggested creating a brief explainer video for people to watch and get clued up on what the company was all about. For the video, we took care of the following:
  • Script writing
  • Creative Direction
  • Project managment
  • Voice over production
  • Storyboarding
Over the course of our work together we also produced various other marketing materials for Anomaly42 like presentations for their sales team and infographics.
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Social Media

When we started working with Anomaly42 they didn’t even have a Twitter account, so we set one up and gave them a voice. We started tweeting about all things Big Data, and gradually, Anomaly42 became a thoughtleader on the topic. The account grew very fast, with very influential and relevant followers, always keeping the growth organic.

After setting up their Twitter account, we needed to come up with a way to raise brand awareness, but also to get people talking about “Big Data”.

Our idea was simple: Get people to tell us what they thought Big Data was. We created a custom hashtag, #BigDataIs, and encouraged users to follow, retweet and then enter the competition by defining what Big Data is to them in a funny, informative - always using the # in their tweets.

Rhizome managed all aspects of the campaign, including:
  • Concept / Strategy
  • Competition Set-up
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Competition Terms & Conditions
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Announcing winners and organising prize distribution

Content Creation

Whitepapers are important for clients like Anomaly42 as it's a good way to put a company like that in the forefront of thought leadership. We worked very closely with Anomaly42 to put togther several whitepapers like:
  • Putting Health into Context (and Context into Health): How Context Brokers and the Quantified Self will Transform Global Healthcare
  • Amplifying Human Intelligence Through Context: Why The Context  Broker And Holistic Data Herald A New Era Of Corporate Transformation

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2014 - 2015

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