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Brexit makes me cringe

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We’ve Voted Leave. Well, some did, the rest of us – admittedly along with some regretful Vote Leavers – are sitting here indulging in some good old fashioned lamentation. We’re cringing after Nigel Farage’s appearance at the EU parliament yesterday, as he gleefully gloated over the result. He might as well have yelled ner nicky ner […]

Brexit has taught London a hard lesson

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If there’s one thing Brexit has taught us, it’s that London and the rest of the UK don’t sing from the same hymn sheet. They don’t even sing in the same church. London was none the wiser to the mood of the populus until it woke this morning to find its waters had been broken, messily and unwillingly. […]

Clever PR cannot save Southern Rail

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There are companies beyond the help of a PR rescue job. One of those is Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), which operates Southern Railway, the Gatwick Express and Thameslink. They have one job – ferrying passengers from A to B – and most days they manage to royally balls it up. I’ve lived in Brighton for a […]


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