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From Soho, with love: West End forever

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Soho: that wondrous West End neighbourhood where a deli sandwich costs more than a steak and there’s a coffee bar on every corner. In daylight it’s awash with businessmen and women bustling in and out of shops, pubs and restaurants before the clock strikes ‘back to work’. By night Soho is an open-til-dawn party-goer’s paradise. […]

Day out at the Department of Health

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There’s never a dull moment at Rhizome HQ, that’s for sure, and yesterday was a particularly busy one for Jack. He spent the day at the Department of Health, sharing his PR expertise as a panelist alongside the department’s press office team. The topic of the day was ‘Working With Consumer Media‘, aka, how to […]

Freelance PRs wanted to join Rhizome Media revolution

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Freelance PRs dotted around the UK (even in Milton Keynes): we want to speak to you. Why? Because we have a big problem at Rhizome Media, and we think you could be the solution. Our problem The problem we’ve got is there are so many goddam companies out there wanting to hire us that we’re running out of people to […]

Lunch breaks are for losers

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Did you know that by law, employers are only required to give you a 20-minute break for a shift of six hours of more? I wouldn’t even make it to the front of the microwave queue in that time (one microwave for a whole floor of offices definitely isn’t enough, but that’s an issue for […]

Rhizome needs YOU!

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It’s official. We’re hiring. There’s something missing at Rhizome Towers, and we’re looking for another bright spark to complete the circuit. “Give me one good reason why I should join the team!” I hear you cry. Well, I’ll give you ten. What is there to do at Rhizome Media? 1. Learn from the masters The […]


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