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“If clients ask you for links, hit them with a wet kipper” says SEO expert

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Rhizome PR’s newest client is an SEO expert. Except he’d kill me for calling him that, because he thinks ‘SEO’ is a vulgar term that misrepresents his industry. In fact, I’ve never met a client with such decided opinions on search as Brett Dixon. Hats off. Brett believes part of the reason everyone gets SEO […]

If Carlsberg did employers, they’d be called Rhizome PR

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All too often you see job ads that harp on about what they’re looking for in the right candidate. But recruitment is a two-way process, whatever industry you’re in (PR if you’re asking). And just as important to a candidate is why on earth they should want to work for the company posting the ad. […]

Rhizome office becomes Heartbreak Hotel as The Hiatt Curse strikes

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A pox on you – a pox on all your houses (relationships) I’m still unsure about how Dom has enlisted the help of the dark arts or perhaps even voodoo magic, but something very strange is happening in this office. The Hiatt Curse – so it has been named – seems to have played havoc with the hearts […]

Christmas comes early for PR, in the form of Google Patent US 8,682,892

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“Can you get me a link? Can you call the journalist who wrote that article and tell them to link to our website? It’d be really good for SEO.” You can split the businesses we come across into two camps. Around 95% of them see PR as a tool for strengthening brand credibility. These clients proudly flag up every […]


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