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Spelling errers

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For a PR, spotting a spelling mistake after pressing send is a horrible, briefly heart stopping experience. I assume. Having the mind of Archimedes means I’d never do anything so stupid myself. But I feel for others out there with their tiny pea brains as they try to make their way in the world of […]

Sindy sparks Madeleine moment at Rhizome

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She may be 50 but she doesn’t look a day over 15. Her light is still burning bright, turning heads and winning hearts. Joan Rivers, she keeps getting younger. Not really. I mean Sindy. The iconic doll. Celebrating 50 years since the launch of the first Sindy doll in 1963, Sindy owners Pedigree Toys came […]

#RoyalBaby madness!

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I’m rather surprised the Twittersphere hasn’t packed up with the inevitable Royal Baby birth celebrations and gossip. In fact, if our little Prince doesn’t have a hashtag in front of his name (our money’s on Edward, George or Leaf), I’ll eat my hat. Some of my personal favourites:  I’m hoping the #royalbaby is called James […]

The way to an employer’s heart is (apparently) via a chocolate CV

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Job seeker Nick Begley was so sick of not being able to find work that he turned his CV into a chocolate bar: Genius. What I want to know is, did his new employer then eat it? At Rhizome, we can’t be bribed, but edible CVs are welcomed. Most enthusiastically welcomed. Particularly by one Jonny Stevens […]

Zombie recruitment video: a different way to lure employees

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Here at Rhizome, we pride ourselves in being a little different. Well, very different if you’re ‘our leader’, Dominic Hiatt. So we get very excited when we find kindred spirits in our clients. Why bother putting up a boring Joe Bloggs job ad up when you can act out your own zombie video to draw in the […]

If you’re female and you want a job, wear pantyhose

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Ah, let’s hear it for casual, everyday sexism – because it does make an exceedingly good blog. The sort of sexism that tells women that wearing some make-up is better than wearing no slap at all, and that ‘pantyhose’ will “seriously impress” employers (even if your CV doesn’t). And, that if you’re a recruiter, it’s acceptable to tell grown women how to […]


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